Mentoring Program

Mentoring program will provide valuable insights, education and guidance to the youth of today, using sport as the perfect vehicle to deliver the key messages of motivation and inspiration.

Our program has been developed to ensure Australia’s future is directed by a more responsible and socially aware group of individuals, and delivered by a number of known elite sportspeople and specialists in their field as facilitators. Above all else the underlying elements of the program seek to instil a new-found confidence in participants; ensuring individuals never feel they have to be defined by their circumstances. From this initial platform no matter the outcome, today’s youth will be on a positive path towards attaining self-fulfilment and achieving goals they may have even thought were out of reach.

Pivotal to the program are ambassadors with whom students will easily align themselves; athletes who have unique stories relating to their own battles, their strategies in overcoming enormous hurdles to ensure the rewards they now enjoy, but also having the foresight to realise their sporting careers are temporary and taking advantage of their unique circumstances to mastermind successful outcomes for the future.