At Your School Program

‘Play For Life’ Program

To reach out to youngsters across the region, we invite schools to join our ‘At Your School’ Program where our certified coaches hold free clinics to encourage school children to turn to sport after school, instead of the streets.

Our aim here is to reach out to youth who do not normally take part in sports. Emphasis here is on health, fitness and well-being through a fun activity where current skill levels should not hold back anyone.

We believe team sports help young people learn to be accountable, responsible, disciplined, passionate and driven to improve. They expose them to meet new friends. Apart from character building, many studies have shown sports – especially team sports – help students do better academically. For instance, repetitive drills of set pieces, memorizing tactics and team strategies are skillsets that can be directly relevant to classwork. Goal-setting and leadership skills learnt on the field can also be transferred to the classroom.

Football Empowerment is about welcoming young people to success. Success in sport. Success in life.